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Product Description
The Fountain Guard’s watchful eyes scanned the horizon, ever on the lookout for any sign of danger. Silent and steadfast, for silk wrapped their faces as a reminder of their oath, he stood there, a sentinel of the realm, keeping a watchful eye over the White Tree.

In this moment of stillness, the Fountain Guard became a living testament to the bravery of Gondor’s defenders, past and present. As long as he stood, unwavering and resolute, the heart of Gondor would continue to beat, undaunted and unbroken, against the tides of adversity.

To celebrate upcoming 20th anniversary of The Lord of The Rings™, the team at Wētā Workshop have created a special line of polystone statues featuring Middle-earth’s major characters in their signature pose and clothing.

The Classic Series is Open Edition and has been tailor made to fit beautifully on your shelf.

Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is hand painted and some variations may occur.

Product Features
8.26 x 18.70 x 8.26 (21cm x 47.50cm x 21cm)
1/6 Scale
Made of polystone
From the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Highly detailed sculpt
Hand painted
Box Contents
Fountain Guard of Gondor statue