The Lord of the Rings Classic Series Lurtz Hunter of Men 1/6 Scale Statue


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Product Description
Bred in secret by the fallen Wizard Saruman, the Uruk-hai issued forth from the pits of Isengard under the command of Lurtz. Driving his troops to run under a burning sun, Lurtz hunted ceaselessly along the banks of the Anduin for the Fellowship of the Ring.

On the slopes of Amon Hen, the Uruk-hai fell upon the Fellowship, chasing and scattering them among the woods. Relishing the hunt, a leer curled across the toothy mouth of Isengard’s captain, raising his bow to fell his prey…


A creature born of foul magic, bred for one purpose and serving only one master, Lurtz quickly became a fan favorite. His raw ferocity and domineering presence provided a real, grounded, and immediate threat to the Fellowship, and his savagery, etched forever in our minds, is captured now as an integral part of the Classic Series.

Product Features
14.17 inches (36cm)
1/6 Scale
Made of polystone
From the Lord of the Rings films
Highly detailed sculpt
Sculpted by the combined efforts of Bawal Saggi, Mike Asquith and Xi Wen
Created in celebration of the LOTR 20th Anniversary
Box Contents
Lurtz statue

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