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The heat wave of #JUJUTSUKAISEN season 2 now airing worldwide, Asmus Toys is proud to take this wonderful opportunity to present you the next character in line – Fushiguro Megum.

The set includes THREE different facial expression interchangeable head sculpt, and FOUR pairs of unique hands to play with.
What we offer in special items are the Dog and Frog shikigami, because we all know Fushuro’s special skill is to summon shkigami to fight, therefore it is wonderful to have them included in the set.

Patterned Male Articulated Body X 1
Head Sculpt:
-Regular Face Head Sculpt x1
– Shouting Face Head Sculpt x1
– A battle damaged Head Sculpt x1

-Relaxing Hands 1 pair
-Fist Hands 1 pair
-Tense Hands 1 pair
-Jujutsu Hand A x1
-Jujutsu Hnad B x 1

-Dark Blue Uniform Pants x1
-Dark Blue Uniform Tops x1
-Shoes 1 pair

Special Accessories:
-Forg shikigami. x 1
-Dog shikigami.(black) x 1
-Chimera Shadow Garden special effect x1
-Jujutsu Kaisen Series Specialized Figure Stand (Stand) x1