Warhammer 40k Lieutenant Titus (Limited Edition) 1/6 Scale Statue


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Product Description
Warhammer 40,000 is a dystopian sci-fi tabletop wargame and universe. The waning years of the 41st Millennium are an age of constant war in which humanity stands on the brink of annihilation, with aliens and heretics alike threatening the Imperium from every quarter. Enlightenment is replaced by superstition, understanding by rhetoric, rote, and blind prayer. War is all that remains.

At Weta Workshop, they’ve been fans of expansive worlds and epic adventures for as long as they can remember. Many of their artists’ initial forays into the realm of fantasy began with Games Workshop’s iconic miniature figures and imaginative battles. Feeling a strong connection with like-minded innovative companies and sharing a common passion for creativity and world-building, it made perfect sense for them to collaborate with the best; to infuse masterful craftsmanship into an intricate and ever-expanding u

The result is an incredible new range of premium polystone statues for all fans and collectors to savour and delight in.

A ravenous horde of Xenos descends upon the Imperium, a vile affront to the Emperor’s realm.

Lieutenant Titus, wielding a powerful bolt pistol and mighty chainsword, stands as a stalwart defender against the relentless Tyranid onslaught. He is the Emperor’s wrath incarnate, an executioner of humanity’s foes, and a beacon of hope amidst the unrelenting darkness that threatens the Imperium.

Bringing the visceral glory of Warhammer to the collectibles showroom, our artists and fellow fans of the grim, dark universe have spared no effort in faithfully recreating one of humanity’s mightiest champions. From the battle-worn, heraldry-adorned Power Armour, synonymous with the Space Marine, to the flesh-torn, sinewy corpse of a freshly slain Hormagaunt, every detail has been expertly fashioned into a glorious Limited Edition 1:6 scale statue.

Product Features
23.82 inches (60.50cm)
1/6 Scale
Made of polystone
From Warhammer 40k
Highly detailed sculpting
LED light-up helmet
Box Contents
Lieutenant Titus statue
2 Head sculpts
Stand for alternate head
Chain Sword
Bloody Chain Sword blade
Alternate weapon base

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