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In the wake of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve is once again taking the science fiction imagination to the next level. This film series Dune is not only the intense scenes of action and adventure, but also the detailed expression of romantic poetry and the inner transformation of characters, perfectly balancing the commercial temperament and artistic level. In Dune, in addition to the fiery battle scenes, there are also many foretold dreams of the main character Paul, which gives Paul deeper meaning and legendary color when he is faced with life choices. Duke Paul Atreides joined the Freman and began to become their spiritual leader and train the army. Paul, meanwhile, tried to stop the terrible but inevitable future he has witnessed: the crusade in his name, spreading across the known universe.

Product list:
– Base head carving
– plain bodies with 30 movable joints
– 6 replaceable gloved hand types include:
– A pair of natural gloved hands
– A pair of gloved hands holding up to something
– A pair of clenched gloved hands

– A close-fitting Freman’s distillation suit
– A sand-proof cape with built-in wire
– A face mask that goes over your head, Filt-Plug

– A Combat Knife and scabbard belt of the Atreides family
– A Crysknife made by Fremen from sandworm teeth
– A backpack
– A shield switch
– Specially designed platform and character nameplate in Eracos desert style

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