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About the Character
From his debut in 1938, Superman has soared beyond the confines of comic pages, becoming a global symbol of hope and justice. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” presented a Superman grappling with the weight of public scrutiny and the complexities of modern heroism. His monumental conflict with Batman, spurred by Luthor’s manipulations, epitomizes the trials heroes face in a nuanced world. Through adversity, Superman’s spirit remains undimmed, reminding us of the enduring power of hope.

About the Figure
The INART 1/6 Superman collectible figure masterfully encapsulates the Man of Steel’s cinematic portrayal in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Every facet, from the intricacies of his battlesuit to the lifelike expressions of his dual head sculpts, exudes craftsmanship. Designed for both display and interaction, its articulated body and rich array of accessories enable collectors to reimagine iconic moments or craft new narratives. After its initial creation, the figure underwent two months of dedicated refinement to ensure the highest quality, making it a testament to INART’s commitment to excellence and the legendary character it represents.

Product Size: 1/6 collectible figure (including base and stand. H: 40CM, W: 14CM, D: 12CM)

Product Material: Resin, PVC, ABS, Printed materials, Real fabric, Wool, Acrylic

Figure Accessories:

– INART Movable Articulated Body *1
– Head Sculpt With Calm Expression, Sculpted Hair And Movable Eyes *1
– Head Sculpt With Angry Expression Sculpted Hair, Rooted Bangs And Movable Eyes *1
– Battlesuit *1
– Boots *1 Pair
– Stylised Cape *1
– Draped Cape *1
– Hands With Natural Gesture *1 Pair
– Hands With Fist Gesture *1 Pair
– Hands With Open Gesture *1 Pair
– Hands With Pinched Gesture *1 Pair
– Hands With A Gripped Gesture *1 Pair
– Left Hand With Engaged Gesture *1
– Hand Holding Batman’s Cowl *1
– Kryptonite*1
– Kryptonite Grenade *1
– Kryptonite Spear *1
– Polaroid Photo *5
– Acrylic Stand *1
– Floor Slab Replacement *1
– Magnetic Base*1

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