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Product Description
Arrogant, narcissistic, and always thirsty for power, the slender feline with brown fur, a black mane, green eyes, and a giant scar over the left eye that gives him his name, settles down sitting on top of a rock in the dreadful territory known as the elephant graveyard. Always egocentric, the former leader of the Lion Guard adopts a position of power, devising his nefarious plans to take on the throne as reigning monarch of the Pride Lands, a vast savanna territory controlled by a pride of powerful lions in Africa. Right below him, his minions, a clan of exiled hyenas formed by the cunning female Shenzi, the clumsy Banzai, and the cheerful Ed, driven by hunger, follow Scar’s orders.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney, Iron Studios proudly present the Scar deluxe statue, with the iconic villain from The Lion King, over a base richly decorated with ivory tusks and green mists that refer to the sinister set of the elephant graveyard.

Product Features
7.7 x 8.4 x 12.3 inches (19.5cm x 21.4cm x 31.3cm)
1/10 Scale
Made of polystone
Based on Disney’s The Lion King
Highly detailed
Limited edition
Box Contents
Scar statue