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The Batman

Original 1:3 Hyperreal Movie Statue

In the gritty detective story, that is The Batman, we find a young Bruce Wayne who only has a few years under his belt in being the vigilante of Gotham City. He is raw and still developing the skills to become the Batman we came to love in past films. The way he moves, his weapons, and the Batsuit itself feel very rough. His gear looks less high-techy in design. JND artists tried to express this element in the design and worked hard to achieve the look and feel of this statue.

It is also a debut project for the newest member of the JND art team, Gox, who is himself a well-established artist in the industry with many years of experience. Gox worked extremely hard so that his debut piece would be well received by the collectors as well as live up to the standards of JND’s quality shown thus far. Supported by head artist, KOJUN, and the rest of the team, Gox was able to produce a prototype of unbelievable likeness.

JND Studios is very proud of our 8th project, Batman and Bruce Wayne from the film, The Batman. With a newly developed silicone painting method, we will be able to add even more details to the face of our statues IN PRODUCTION that will bring our characters to life in the true sense of words, hyperreal movie statue.


Measurements: 28″ x 12″ x 12″ including the base (71 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm)
One (1) main body
One (1) main body
Two (1) silicone head, including glass eyes and rooted hair
One (1) uniquely designed base