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Product Description
“If I don’t make it back…remember that you’re the one that made me come here!”

– Owen Grady to Claire Dearing

Prime 1 Studio is incredibly excited to reveal the King of Dinosaurs against the fastest of the large theropods in the Legacy Museum Collection Series: The 1/15 Scale Tyrannosaurus Rex & Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

As the T-Rex’s roar fills the air, Owen Grady is frozen in place…contemplating all the choices he’s ever made that brought him to this perilous point in his life! Exposed and vulnerable, Owen stands in the presence of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s two most awesome dinosaurs: T-Rex and Carnotaurus!

This legendary clash isn’t complete without the mention of the lavish environment they inhabit. Prime 1imbued this scene with the film-accurate, natural surroundings in the movie; all the wood, debris, rock formations, mud, and lastly…Owen Grady! Clearly, not a good spot for Owen to be in, he’s merely biding his time, in awe of these monstrous creatures, before he makes his getaway! Most especially, this Deluxe Version comes with a swappable Gyrosphere, sculpted to exacting scale and accuracy…and rendered in realistic materials and mud effects to remind you of the amazing action that just took place. The base is finished with a wraparound fossil-themed artifice and a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom plaque.

At almost three feet wide, this epic 1/15 scale statue will look fabulous in your display room and certainly garner the attention and envy of all your friends!

Product Features
19 x 35 inches (49cm x 90cm)
Made of polystone
Deluxe version with swappable parts
Limited Edition
From the Jurrasic Park III film
Extreme detail
Themed base with plaque
Box Contents
T-Rex & Carnotaurus diorama
Rock features