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Product Description
Over twenty years ago, the first chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja epic was published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Since then, Naruto has grown into one of the best-selling manga and anime of all time. To commemorate the world’s most popular ninja and its legions of fans, Toynami is proud to present the Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode 1:1 Scale Bust.

Gifted to Naruto after a near death encounter in the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Six Paths Senjutsu significantly enhances his abilities and allows him to utilize new techniques. Combined with the heightened state of his Sage Mode, Naruto gains a more powerful grasp of chakra and the ability to comprehend all universal things. No power comes close to Six Paths Sage Mode, helping Naruto to become known as the strongest Hokage to ever live.

Product Features
24 inches (61cm)
1/1 Scale
Made of polystone
From the Naruto: Shippuden anime series
Highly detailed
Limited edition of 300 pieces
Box Contents
Naruto bust