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Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 3rd Quarter 2024
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The 1/6th Scale Harry Potter Collectible Figure (Hogwarts Uniform Premium Edition) features:

One (1) head sculpt with rooted hair and rolling eyeballs
One (1) articulated body
Twelve (12) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
One (1) pair of hands with natural hand gesture
One (1) right hand for holding a wand
One (1) right hand for holding The Philosopher’s Stone
One (1) right hand for holding the book
One (1) pair of hands for holding the broom
One (1) left hand holding the lantern
One (1) pair of gloved hands with a relaxed gesture
One (1) right gloved hand with a fist gesture
One (1) right gloved hand for holding a wand
One (1) pair of round glasses
One (1) school uniform shirt
One (1) Gryffindor tie
One (1) school uniform sweater
One (1) Gryffindor scarf
One (1) school uniform trousers
One (1) school uniform wizard robe
One (1) school uniform winter Cape
One (1) pair of Black shoes
One (1) pair of socks
One (1) Philosopher’s Stone
One (1) The Philosopher’s Stone Packaging (Contains The Philosopher’s Stone)
One (1) The Sorting Hat
Three (3) Chocolate Frogs
Three (3) Chocolate Frog Packaging
One (1) Harry Potter wand
One (1) Harry Potter wand organiser
One (1) lantern
One (1) Hogwarts express ticket
One (1) birdcage
One (1) Hedwig
One (1) Hedwig grip arm foot replacement
One (1) broom
Two (2) Hogwarts textbook
One (1) Hogwarts acceptance letter
One (1) magnetic diorama base
One (1) photo album
One (1) INART head sculpt box
Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice