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Product Description
From the deadliest dark fantasy “Overlord”, Albedo in a white dress, who is the guardian of the Nazarick Underground Great Tomb, is made into a figure on 1/7 scale! Carefully painted and meticulously modeled, you can feel the fantastic world view of Albedo at hand.

The impressive long hair was painted in a green gradient towards the tips, and the flow of the hair was also clearly shown. Looking up with melancholy golden eyes, Albedo is a beauty that also feels divine. The large wings that wrap the Albedo are made up to each feather, making it as complete as a work of art. It is painted with the same green gradation as the hair, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Product Features
13.77 inches tall (34.97cm)
1/7 Scale
Made of PVC and ABS
Based on Overlord
Highly detailed
Box Contents
Albedo figure