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Product Description
The Dark Knight finally makes his triumphant return to the Q-Master stage – and he’s brought the whole family with him. Welcome back the Batman: Family Classic Q-Master in a brand new color scheme: Batman’s classic blue coloring. Measuring an impressive 15 inches in height, this is the detailed diorama figure you know and love.

Surrounded by a mischievous gaggle of chibi-styled Damian Wayne, an unmasked Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson, Batman stands proudly and effortlessly carrying the weight of all that family love. From the top of Batman’s cowl – playfully being tugged on by Tim Drake – all the way down to its Bat-shaped base, this Q-Master tells a dynamic story with a great deal of heart.

Don’t miss out on adding this limited edition diorama to your Batman family of collectibles!

Product Features
15 inches (38.1cm)
Made of polyresin
Inspired by DC Comics Batman
Features Chibi styled Batman characters
Highly detailed
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
Box Contents
Batman Family diorama
Certificate of Authenticity