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Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance SkekMal the Hunter Skeksis 1:6 Scale Statue


Estimated delivery March 2021 His was the way of restless pursuit, and…

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Estimated delivery March 2021

His was the way of restless pursuit, and he stalked the trackless depths of the Endless Forest and other wilds with a relentless, predatory zeal. Once marked as prey, none evaded the keen senses of the Hunter, who took grizzly trophies from his victims to adorn and armour his towering frame. While the other Skeksis withered, the Hunter was strong and fast, sustained by his ravenous appetite for pursuit and conquest.

SkekMal’s counterpart was the urRu, urVa, the Archer, who alone could stand against him. As skilled as the archer was with his bow, skekMal’s weapons of choice were cruel, curving blades wielded in each of his four claws.

Contracted by skekSil, skekMal’s last hunt saw him chase down the fugitive Gelfling Rian, who had until then eluded the Chamberlain’s grasp and seen him fall from the Emperor’s grace. It was a perilous bargain skekSil made at great need, for the Hunter suffered no treachery and would take his perceived due no matter what, be it from Gelfling or sly and oily customer.

1:6 scale;
Limited Edition of 400;
Portrays the ferocious Hunter from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance;
Rich & intricate costume with sculpted grizzly trophies, including the skull covering SkekMal’s own & various bones hanging from his belt;
Partners perfectly with his ‘light’ half: urVa the Archer;
Prototype by Weta Workshop sculptor Adrian Taboada;
Developed from digital scans of the original puppet seen on screen;
High-quality polystone;
The three different sized circular bases across our 1:6 scale Dark Crystal range represent the three suns in the skies of Thra; the dying sun, rose sun, and great sun. Familiar iconography from the floor of the Crystal Chamber are featured around the outside. Spy the symbols of the UrSkek, which have since been appropriated as signs of discord and Skeksis aggression.

Dimensions:11.81″ x 15.74″ x 12.59″ (W x H x D) 30 cm x 40 cm x 32 cm
Weight:12.43 lbs (5.642 kg)

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 17 in
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